Education Programs

Child Development Centres


CUPS Child Development Centres (Pre-Natal to Three and One World Child) provide early intervention for children (newborn to 6 years old) who are experiencing, or who are at high risk of experiencing, development delays associated with trauma and instability. The goal is to prevent the intergenerational cycle of poverty, while strengthening the family as a whole and giving children a fair chance to succeed scholastically and in life.


The Centres provide a nurturing and caring educational environment with therapeutic supports to address children’s developmental needs and to help children and their families reach their full potential. Parents are assigned a family support worker, attend events and recreational outings and receive support through CUPS health and housing programs.


216 children were involved in our child education programs, with 188 children enrolled in our Child Development Centres. While children learn and grow in the Centres, parents attend intensive parenting programs so that they are better able to support their child’s developmental needs.